Red Lice Treatment

Our solution for red lice

Red lice, also known as poultry mite, are an enormous problem for lots of poultry farmers. They cause multiple problems, for example:

  • Bad health / casualties
  • Lower egg production
  • Higher feeding conversion / feeding costs

Red lice are a stubborn plague that isn’t easy to treat against. We spray Finecto or Poultry Mix so the environment of blood lice is so unpalatable that the population can be kept under control.

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The right equipment for all stables

Not only the cleansing agent, but also the method of application is crucial for the treatment results. Every stable set-up asks for a different approach. This is no problem, as we have a more than sufficient amount of equipment for every solution. We can even clean populated aviary stables, using electricly driven spray trees.

Give us a call and we can talk over what we can do for you.

The benefits

  • Years of experience
  • Flexible
  • Professional equipment

More information?

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