New Crops, Clean Slate

Crop rotation is a big event. For some growers this is a good chance to leave past troubles behind and for others it’s a chance to continue along the right path. Nobody wants to deal with left behind viruses, bacteria or funghi from the previous harvest. Start fresh with a clean slate.

quick, easy and fast

There is a lot that needs to be organised in this short period of time and the tasks follow up rapidly. That means it’s important to have the greenhouse available again as soon as possible.

Veugen High Care has a quick, easy and fast method for cleaning the entire greenhouse in a few hours and it can be entered again just as quickly. We take care of complete disinfections, including seperate buildings like packing stations, offices and canteens.

Disinfecting today means planting tomorrow

By using hydrogen peroxide peracetic acid we can assure all buildings can be entered the same day and planting can begin the next day. The hydrogen peroxide peracetic acid assures a quick elimination of viruses, funghi and bacteria.

We can nebulize large amounts of liquid in very small droplets using our custom-made technique using compressed air. This means there will be no wet spots, taping off electrical devices or using unnecessary amounts of fuel.

Greenhouse Disinfection video

The benefits

  • Sustainable
  • Ready to plant after 24 hours
  • Efficient

More information?

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