MRSA, Noro Virus

The fight against viral and bacterial infections in hospitals, laboratories, home or wherever, is a specialist affair. An outbreak of a virus or bacteria causes a lot of tension with the guests and the public, and negatively affects the available capacity and infrastructure of a hospital. Viral and bacterial infections should be treated with great care and professionalism.

our solution

Whether it’s a single room, an entire floor, intensive care, laboratory or cleanroom, these areas can be disinfected fast and securely by us. In close collaboration with all relevant agencies, the floor staff, operations, housekeeping, security and the fire department we set up a plan and roadmap so the whole operation runs as efficiently and safely as possible for everyone involved.


The quality and safety of the treatment comes first. Through years of experience in the field of fogging and disinfecting, we know the right equipment for every application. The right fogging equipment with the best droplet size combined with the right disinfectant agent ensure you get the optimal result. We produce our own equipment and disinfectants, so we always bring top quality with us.

Ask about the possibilities for your organization. We can provide referenes of hospitals and laboratories which have used our services, as proof of our quality. If you’re more interested in acquiring the equipment needed for the job, we can help you at our mother company, Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne.

The benefits

  • Years of experience
  • Flexible
  • Discrete

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