We take care of room treatments, disinfections and red lice treatment. We have years of experience and a broad range of equipment we developed ourselves. That’s why we can always offer the service that fits your situation. But before that, we like to sit with you and talk through your wishes and expectations.

Our people have the necessary certificates like VCA, spraying license and ‘competence pest control and wood decay organisms’. We have the proper equipment for measuring if a treatment has been succesful. We understand it’s sometimes hard to fit in these treatments within your organisation. So we help with making protocols and SOP. In so doing we help maintain the quality within your organisation.

These are some of the services that are often required of us. Are you looking for a different kind of treatment? We’d like to help you out. Contact us.

The benefits

  • Certified
  • Years of experience
  • Own equipment

More information?

Rob Veugen

General director
+31 495 460 188
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