Veugen High Care BV is an IKB acknowledged poultry service (IKB PSB). With years of experience in the poultry sector, and especially expierence with industrial hygiene we are the ideal partner for keeping your company on the highest levels of cleanliness and sterility. We take the work off your hands if you don’t have the time, goods, or expertise to do it.


Everything under one roof

Veugen High Care can deliver quality like no-one else because of our own shop, our own developed equipment, own disinfectants and plenty of experience. Do you have problems with smell, germs or red lice? We can help.

Our company originated as a side project at our rearing establishment for hens in Nederweert. Because of this, nobody doubt our knowledge and love of poultry. This experience translates to customer-centered and practical solutions, which elevates the hygiene of poultry companies to new levels.

You can find more information about our procedure of treatment behind the buttons on the right.


Battle Plan Salmonella

Salmonella contamination is a problem that causes a lot of tension with a lot of people. We know like no other how to treat against salmonella. This is why we made our battle plan. The following paragraph is a section of this plan.

We start with wet disinfection of the farmyard and stables with our spray trees. Then it’s the silos’ and attics’ turn, we use dry disinfection for this. It is known that bugs can spread salmonella so all seams and crevices get treated with Solfac. Then the areas between stables and carcass containers are disinfected. Last but not least the stables themselves are treated. The feeding pans and floors are lathered up and cleaned.

To give you a clear view we made a little list of all the products we use when treating salmonella infection. Are you ready for battle or do you still have questions? Give us a call.

  1. Deptil G4
  2. Solfac
  3. Cleanbest 1390
  4. Cleanbest 1220
  5. DB 700
  6. Aldeskol Des FF
  7. INO-DA
  8. DB 300
  9. Formaline

The benefits

  • Years of experience
  • Flexibility
  • Professional hardware

More information?

Rob Veugen

General director
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