Cruise ships and hotels

Careful and professional

The treatment of norovirus and MRSA-contamination on cruises or hotels is a specialistic affair. An outbreak of a virus or bacteria causes a lot of tension with the guests and the public, and negatively affects the available capacity and infrastructure of a hospital. Viral and bacterial infections should be treated with great care and professionalism.

fast and Thoroughly in all of europe

At Veugen High Care you’re in the right place for infections of cruise ships. A quick and thorough disinfection is very possible these days. We are known for our fast response and flexibility in all of Europe. This means we can treat rooms at times when it’s best for your organisation. We use advanced fogging devices and we can use any disinfectant for aerosol treatment you wish. When everything is finished, a concentration measurement will decide when areas can be reopened for guests and personnel. Within hours your ship can set sail again.

Safety first

In close deliberation with your organisation a working procedure is deviced. We do this to make sure the treatment goes as efficiently and safely as possible for all those involved. Our products are also safe for furniture and equipment. This means we can start the treatment even faster, since we don’t have to empty rooms or tape off equipment. We determine the situation and deliberate with you which disinfectants should be used. For example Quaternary ammonium compounds or peracetic acid or hydrogen peroxide.

The benefits

  • Discrete
  • Flexible
  • Safety first

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