We offer full package room disinfection. We do this with misting. Whether it’s fumigation, VHP, fogging, dry decontamination or gassing. We can do every form of aerosol treatment. We can also treat any kind or size of room. We are quickly deployable. Surface cleaning with misting is trustworthy, quick and thorough.


Because of the very tiny droplet size we can do more with less disinfection agent. Less product is better for the environment. We create a working plan together so you know exactly what to expect.


Our broad amount of experience and knowlegde in the field of disinfectants is nowhere so readily available for you. When we fog at your company we always use our own disinfectants. These are useable for a large variety of means, so we can offer the best for both your problem and company. Of course all our cleaning agents are CTGB approved. The best disinfection agents: Desbest.

0.5 m³ to 10 hectares

We have our own R&D department. We like to think up new and better solutions and better disinfection agents. We create a large variety of products to make sure we always have something that works for you. Apart from the detergents, equipment is also very important. Droplet size and fogging capacity are important properties in selecting the right choice for an area or room. With our machines we are capable for cleaning areas anywhere in between 0.5m³ to 10 hectares in a short amount of time. Check out the sectors section on this site to view some of our areas of expertise. Are you looking for a different form of disinfecting? Give us a call.

The benefits

  • CTGB approved disinfectants
  • Equipment from our own work place
  • Custom-tailored for you

More information?

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General director
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