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the authority in the field of fogging equipment and hygiene solutions For years on end

We are world leader in the field of fogging disinfectants and pest control. With five different fogging techniques we are able to supply custom-fit solutions for your unique application. With our customer-oriented approach we are able to outfit our machines to your needs. Because of our wide range of techniques and the ability to 100% customize our machines, we can provide you with a tailored solution unlike any other.

We are continuously improving our existing machines as well as developing new machines and techniques to suit the needs of our customers. The development is done in cooperation with clients, institutes, universities and suppliers of chemicals and biologicals. With our own droplet size measurement laser and engineering knowledge we are able to develop a wide range of machines, all under one roof.

We are Specialised in

  • Red lice disinfection with registered products: not harmful for animals and the eggs stay suitable for consumption.
  • Periodical disinfection of greenhouses.
  • Discrete pest control of MRSA bacteria or Noro virus on cruise ships or in medical facilities.

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